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The favorable climate and healthy ecology of the archipelago enhance the healing effect of our therapeutic procedures.

The mild climate from ancient times has attracted people to the Canary Islands, for many centuries they have been called the "Happy Islands". Greek mythology says that the fabulous gardens of the Hesperides were located here, where golden apples grew.

At the end of the XIX century the islands of "eternal spring" are becoming a favorite place for relaxation and treatment of many somatic diseases. Currently, the Canary Islands are leading in popularity among European holiday centers.

Why are we here?

The first who discovered the unique healing properties of the Canary were the British. And to date, most of the vacationers are guests from England of Balzac age, who come to "rejuvenate." They claim that a significant part of the success of any treatment in the Canaries lies in the unique natural landscapes that have beneficial effects on physical, mental and mental health. A calm leisurely lifestyle, an atmosphere of general joy and benevolence subconsciously form a positive attitude and contribute to the maximum effectiveness of treatment.máxima efectividad del tratamiento.

Locals are sure that life is a holiday and presented to people solely for joy. That is why there is always a spirit of universal goodwill and unhurried home comfort.

The nature of the Canary Islands is unusually diverse: mountain ranges twined with greenery, interspersed with pine forests and the vast blue Atlantic Ocean. The air is filled with a wonderful mixture of laurel, pine, orange and ocean flavors. And traditional Canarian food is recommended by nutritionists from all over the world as an example of delicious and healthy food.

From a medical point of view, the Canaries have everything you need for proper relaxation and treatment: mineral and thermal springs, plenty of sun, sea water, modern health and medical centers.

Calm walks, sea bathing and sunshine are perfectly restore to health. The local air, through pine forests and the ocean, contains elevated levels of phytoncides and ions, which stimulate the immune system and help the body withstand infections and stresses. A high iodine content is beneficial for the thyroid gland, frees the body of toxins and promotes the breakdown of fats. The saturation of the air with ozone and phytoncides turns it into a natural antibiotic, almost immediately upon arrival to the islands, asthmatic phenomena characteristic of living conditions in megacities disappear.

The soft Canary sun is also involved in the healing process: through ultraviolet rays, the body accumulates vitamin D, which is necessary for the regeneration and strengthening of bone tissue. Seawater, rich in minerals, trace elements and microscopic algae, is a natural inexhaustible pantry of vitamin-mineral complexes. Also, the Canary Islands are famous for thalassotherapy parks with a variety of hydromassage pools, picturesque grottoes, aromatic showers, salt stalactite caves for the treatment of chronic colds. There are no analogues of such parks not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

The specialists of the Top Massages Center will be happy to tell you about the features of numerous thalassotherapy centers, and in addition, they will be able to deliver to any of them and offer unique procedures based on them.

Welcome to Canary Islands