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Aquatic therapies

Only in Gran Canaria in the center of Top Massages and only with master Vadim you can get a unique procedure for restoring the human body:
Ocean Nirvana Massage

What's Ocean Nirvana Massage?

Ocean Nirvana Massage is a magical journey – the journey to a parallel world where you can experience eternity, where the stars will hold you in their grip and make you shine, where you will feel like a water flower, an ocean breeze, a bird and a ray of light – all at the same time.

What happens during the experience?

Your therapist will be holding you in his arms in the hot waters of the most glamorous ocean water spa in Europe. The place is incredible, on top of a rock rising 100 metres out of the sea offering a superb view of the other islands and the amazing Canarian sunsets.

When you are there, it will be very hard for you to tell where the water is and where you are, because the surrounding environment will be exactly the same temperature as your body – 36 degrees.

You will experience an immaculate feeling of FLYING – you are free, you are far from Mother Earth, far from all your stress and worries, you are HAPPY. The speed of movement of the water will give you an incredible feeling of millions of hot fingers massaging you all over. During this time of ZERO GRAVITY, your therapist will not only apply almost all the conventional body treatment techniques, but everything will be done in three dimensions.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

All your systems will be renewed, regenerated and reborn. Thanks to the energy of your therapist, a Reiki Master with the well toned body of a sports model, his professional qualifications, experience, intuition, special healing talents and the caresses of the ocean, you will be totally overwhelmed.

Your entire body will be liberated, all your worries will disappear, your whole system will be renewed, you will feel marvellous and recharged, relaxed and blessed.

You will reach the point when dreams and reality become one. You will feel overwhelmed by an avalanche of unconditional love coming from MAN and from the OCEAN.

Ocean Nirvana Massage

By Vadim