Renovacio Medical Buddhist SPA

Medical Buddhist SPA

The centre offers a wide range of wellness, rehabilitation and rejuvenating treatments in the fields of both therapy and cosmetology. At the center we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes - providing a first class service - on site and in the comfort of your home.

To maximise comfort for our vacationers, we offer a VIP service. The VIP services provides a home visit to your apartment/hotel by one of our specialist at any time convenient for customers.

Our SPA has been a top service for over 20 years and only employs highly qualified specialists from all over the world.


Our beauty treatments are designed in a personalized way by the best professionals combining a wide variety of techniques with the best products to obtain excellent results.


Different massage techniques can provide a wonderful feeling of relaxation, relieve muscle tension, repair injury , increase circulation and restore calm and balance in your body and mind.

Custom therapies

Our custom therapies includes a special combination of some of our best SPA treatments and body care adapted to each of our clients.

Years of experience
Qualified professionals

Aquatic therapies

Meet our exclusive aquatic therapy service "Ocean Nirvana Massage", a magical journey to a parallel world by the hand of our master Vadim.


It dates back to ancient Egypt and India and has been used for centuries to reduce stress and tension and invigorate the body and clear the mind.


Our unique bathtubs are designed to relax and soothe the body with warm water, spring filters, massage jets and color therapy.

Facial treatments

Help to recover the luminosity in your skin and your face. Improve your appearance with all our facial rejuvenation treatments.

What do our customers say?

"It is wonderful that there is a center that gives people health and joy, the ease that a person feels when he leaves it. Thanks to the people who make it possible to experience the feeling of flying, i.e. to us, patients, for excellent work, for creativity, for the energy that they give us. I express my gratitude! Appreciation!!!"

Elena Malysheva
Doctor of Medical Sciences

"Vadik, good luck, when it is, everything else will come!" Massage is not only relaxation for me, although it is also important, but first of all, health, years and injuries take their toll, so at every opportunity I go to the massage therapist in any countries and cities, it would seem, it's impossible to surprise me..."

Sergey Novozhilov
Artist of Russia

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Life Coach

Special services

Ruta sanadora

A special service of the Center is an individual tour RUTA SANADORA to the healing places of the Canary archipelago: waterfalls, gorges, forests, volcanoes and wild beaches. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to chat with local healers, familiarize yourself with the rituals of restoring the health of ancient Aboriginal people, and learn how locals restore their health naturally, without medication. The tour RUTA SANADORA is completely unique, it is the know-how of our Center and has no world analogues.

Everything for the client

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.